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Client Reviews

We would like to take the time to pass along how satisfied we are with the professionalism Muldoon Law LLC had in the handling of our case.

This case was a very emotional process and Mike was not only compassionate but prompt in our needs.

Mike's integrity, ethics, and honesty through the process made it very easy to understand next steps in the case.

Our Attorneys were able to accomplish the one goal we had going into this process and that was vindication.

We would certainly recommend Muldoon Law LLC to a family member, friend, or any person looking for the best representation in a law firm.

AC/MC Dyer, IN.

Dear Mr. Muldoon:

First I would like to thank you for the excellent and professional work you did on behalf of my clients, the Austria Family. From the initial meeting with you at your office till the final successful resolution of their claim, you and your firm handled the matter in an exemplary manner. Their claim was not a "slam-dunk". At the initial interview you patiently explained the process and the hurdles faced. As an aside, you told them you would agree to represent them as a favor to me because of the hurdles faced which I appreciated. Throughout the process, you kept both me and my clients abreast of developments in the case.

I attribute the success achieved in this matter to your skill as an attorney and a negotiator. I would without hesitation recommend you and your firm to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney. In the future, if the need arises, I will look forward to working with you if my clients need your services.

Finally, your referral policy is generous and fair to the referring attorney. Again. thank you on behalf of myself and the Austria Family.

James Schultz

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